It's what love poems are made of.
Letting go is scary as fuck. It’s also the only way to invite a healthy and loving reciprocal relationship in.
I leaned in as he softly nibbled my lips while “Señorita” played in the background.
I was literally living my best life, doing backflips and breast strokes in amniotic fluid inside of my mother’s uterus.
Yesterday, at approximately 5:55pm ET, I flushed the last 12 years of my life down the toilet.
I have some beef with And Just Like That. So much so that I ran to my computer after stuffing my mouth with six gingerbread cookies to write an open…
When I was 12 years old my father abandoned our family. Mami didn’t kick him out. Although we had moved out of state, she welcomed his visits with his…
I recently learned that I am a Manifesting Generator. Wait, what’s that now? Let me explain. A Manifesting Generator is one of the archetypes in Human…
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Sujeiry Gonzalez