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October 2022

You pull me into your sweet relief.

September 2022

Like sex without connection. Or slowing down emotionally when I’m bursting with feelings of like and love.
I’m feeling things I've never felt before.
I hope you come visit.

June 2022

Even if it hurts. Even when I’m scared. Even if it’s temporary.
It's what love poems are made of.
Letting go is scary as fuck. It’s also the only way to invite a healthy and loving reciprocal relationship in.

May 2022

I leaned in as he softly nibbled my lips while “Señorita” played in the background.

April 2022

I was literally living my best life, doing backflips and breast strokes in amniotic fluid inside of my mother’s uterus.
Yesterday, at approximately 5:55pm ET, I flushed the last 12 years of my life down the toilet.